How-To: Water Marbling Nails

Learn how to achieve the perfect water marble nail by two different professional nail artists.

Nails by @samrosenails on Instagram
Nails by @samrosenails on Instagram

The water marbling nail design has gained some traction over the last few weeks and is now trending.

The look combines the intricacy of luxe, swirled marble with the softness of watercolor.

Nail proBetina Goldsteinexplains how to achieve the look:

  1. Start with a tray full of water.
  2. Take the first nail polish color, and drop a bead of color into the liquid.
  3. Let the shade bleed outward before dropping another shade into the center.
  4. Once this has bled out, add another color, then repeat until you are satisfied with the pattern.
  5. Next, take a cocktail stick, and drag it through the colors to create a swirled design.
  6. Rotate the nail in the paint to pick the pattern up.
  7. 清洁你手指上多余的部分,并在触摸干燥后涂上一层面漆。

Note: You only have one shot because double dips do not work.

If the method above does not work for you, nail pro米歇尔汉弗莱斯has an alternative:

  1. 在调色盘或旧盘子上涂上三条透明抛光漆。
  2. Add three stripes of the first polish color in between the clear polish stripes, then the second shade and finally the third shade on top.
  3. Using a cocktail stick, swirl the colors together.
  4. Add a top coat of clear polish to the naked nail. While it is still tacky, take an old eyeshadow brush, and scoop the marbled pattern onto your brush.
  5. Apply it to the wet top coat, and allow it to blend.
  6. Once it is touch dry, add a top coat.

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