Gender Equity in Professional Beauty


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那个报告, ”An Inside Look at Gender Equity in Professional Beauty," provides an in-depth analysis of data collected from 600 professional beauty associates. The majority of the report’s subjects are from the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to the report:

  • 在美国,妇女占占优质美容服务的89.6%。
  • By the numbers, women dominate professional beauty, yet men hold more leadership positions and make more money.
  • 在七大全球专业美容公司 - L'Oréal,Paul Mitchell,Pravana,Estée劳耶德公司,Coty,Henkel和Wella Company-opone Coty和Wella Company有女首执。
  • 59% of U.S. women in professional beauty believe their male counterparts make more money as beauty professionals.
  • 63% of U.S. professionals believe high-level, corporate decision-makers in the beauty industry to be males.
  • 65% of beauty professionals feel equal pay is lagging globally.
  • 49% say leadership opportunities for female beauty professionals are lagging globally.
  • Women who worked in personal care made 85 cents to the dollar men earned in 2019.
  • 在编辑的发型中,妇女在杂志封面和广告活动等工作中只占主要机构的26%的头发人才。12BET app


  • 58% cited pandemic restrictions are preventing women-owned beauty businesses from surviving.
  • 29% cited insufficient funding/financial support to become an independent stylist/nail tech or salon owner.
  • 21%的人觉得持有高调位置的人的文化正在成功的方式站立
  • 19% cited inflexible work environment makes it harder to thrive at work and at home.


  • 57% of Wella Company employees globally are female.
  • 45% of these female employees are director level or above.
  • In the three months after the company was formed, on December 1, 2020, 70% of its new hires were women.

Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of Wella Company, was quoted in the report as saying, “While women dominate the professional beauty service industry in sheer numbers, they are still working towards equal pay and securing positions of decision-making. Moreover, due to the pandemic, women are losing their jobs or dropping out of the workforce in growing numbers due to caregiving responsibilities and pay inequality.”

To help alleviate these challenges, especially those brought on by the pandemic, Wella Company has launched initiatives to help support women in the professional beauty community. The company has reportedly provided more than 100 free education classes online and via Instagram during the months spent in lockdown. Additionally, Wella teams in North America implemented a $200,000 fund through Hairdressers at Heart to help licensed beauty professionals that were facing loss of business, educational investment and more.


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