Product Launch: Luxe-Tique Nail Pro

Emily Cruz, owner of Luxe-Tique Nail Studio, has released her own product line: Luxe-Tique Nail Pro.

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艾米丽·克鲁兹,美甲师和沙龙/学院owner, has released her own product line:Luxe-Tique Nail Pro.

Cruz has been a nail technician for 22 years. She felt compelled to create her own product line after realizing how much money she spent on products that were low in quality and high in price.Screenshot 2021 04 27 102024

The first collection consists of 75gel polishcolors and nineacrylic powders.

The Luxe-Tique Nail Pro Essential Line-Up includes:

  • Luxe Top Coat— Super shiny, bright and scratch-resistant top coat
  • Luxe Matte Top Coat— Velvet matte finish that stays matte for weeks
  • Luxe Base Coat— Has adhesion power that is not easily picked off
  • Nail Pro Gel— Gel builder in a bottle and doubles as a stone adhesive
  • VitaPrime— Protein-infused bonding agent and primer that pairs with Luxe-Tique acrylic powders
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